Friday, November 5, 2010

Sewing Down, Exercise Up!

I ended up not sewing last night! So I still have my last 2 needles for my beast of a sewing machine (Yay!).

I received a exciting call yesterday about a design opportunity in Scottsdale Arizona. I go for a interview this coming week! I hope they take me up as the designer! Today will be very busy since I have not put together a portfolio for myself, so I will be doing that all weekend long. You think I would be more prepared...blah.

A few days ago I started up my work out routine (yet again) and I feel so fantastic <3 My abs, calves and thighs are so dang sore, but its a good sore lol! I am aiming to lose 5 pounds by January, so hopefully i can reach my goal by continuing to exercise!

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