Thursday, November 11, 2010

Magical Yesterday

Yesterday was just a wonderful day to say the least. Starting my day at 7am, I quickly got ready and made Breakfast Burrito's for Kym and I! We headed up to Scottsdale for my Interview at the Salon. I will never use Google Maps AGAIN...Argh, it is worse then map quest! I was interviewed and I got the Okay to do all of there outfits and designs! *excited* I will be doing a total of 10 outfits for the Salon, and I am so Uber Excited!

After we got done in Scottsdale we headed down to Mesa! Miss Electric Lady wanted to take photo's of me in Lolita, and i was more then happy to do so :3! She took some wonderful photo's of me, she really knows how to turn me into a doll <3

I really realized how much i miss Lolita Fashion <3 A HUGE thank you to Miss Electric Lady! Please Visit her fan Page on Facebook!

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