Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy Daisy

Didn't do much of anything this weekend, my Sunday consisted mainly of laying on the couch watching the telebi, and eating a lot of left over Sitaw stew with rice! My Chinguya was awesome enough to give me her recipe. It's nearly not good as her's, but it was a really good trail run on making the dish.

Saturday was a blast~ as every Saturday should be. Chinguya and I went for coffee at our favorite coffee joint...Starbucks (how original) at about 9:45 in the morning! We spent the morning talking and giggling about serious and non serious items on our pallet. We enjoyed our conversation over a Green Tea Latte and a Mocha Latte in the beautiful yet chilly Mesa. After our chitter chattering was over, we headed over to the mall. Luckily we did because there were having some awesome deals! We ended up leaving the mall with some baggage, mine mostly filled with Christmas gifts, but a few things for myself as well <3! We then made our way to Ultra to get Chinguya some foundation, then over to Sonic for happy hour!

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