Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

The Arizona heat has finally gone! The Cold is coming with much chill! Which it is almost to cold and dark to go out and run in! I finally got up the strength to restock and make a few new Cake Shop products! Hopefully I will be able to keep my self busy with making new items! This weekend I hope to get a least 2 outfits done for Taiyou Con! January is sneaking up on me!!! I can only hope that December slows down for me just a bit.

I Have yet to weigh myself but i feel 5 pounds lighter :) which makes me a happy happy girl! My stomach is slowly flattening and making me a even more Happy Squirrel! I just have to keep up with my exercise's! I hope for a awesome flat tummy by Taiyou Con! Arghhh Both of my Costumes major show my stomach! Wish Me Luck <3!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We $%#%'in Got the House Doggy :D

I put down the down payment on the home and we are freaking ready to close on this bad boy!!! I can not freaking wait to start work on the house! Lots of work to do, but it is so going to be worth it! I can not wait to have a sewing room~ Finally <3 Cake Shop will be able to grow now! Updates and all that good stuff to come. 2011 is looking bright and beautiful as ever.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soup & Tea

Today has been a blah of a day to say the least. I think i might have a slight head cold, but nothing a little soup and a nice tea can not fix. I hope to start sewing again tonight~ hopefully! I have been pretty burned out on sewing lately, and haven't touched the sewing machine for about 1 week now! I really need a good stream of inspiration to help me get back into the swing of things!

Taiyou Con seems to be sneaking up on me, as well as Christmas. So much stuff to get done still, But I for sure want to be relaxed during the holidays. I want to bake a ton of stuff this Holiday season, Make some awesome chocolate covered pretzels <3 My Favorite!

I did however get some adorable gum drop hair clips done today <3 Now my day has not gone to complete waste :3!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy Daisy

Didn't do much of anything this weekend, my Sunday consisted mainly of laying on the couch watching the telebi, and eating a lot of left over Sitaw stew with rice! My Chinguya was awesome enough to give me her recipe. It's nearly not good as her's, but it was a really good trail run on making the dish.

Saturday was a blast~ as every Saturday should be. Chinguya and I went for coffee at our favorite coffee joint...Starbucks (how original) at about 9:45 in the morning! We spent the morning talking and giggling about serious and non serious items on our pallet. We enjoyed our conversation over a Green Tea Latte and a Mocha Latte in the beautiful yet chilly Mesa. After our chitter chattering was over, we headed over to the mall. Luckily we did because there were having some awesome deals! We ended up leaving the mall with some baggage, mine mostly filled with Christmas gifts, but a few things for myself as well <3! We then made our way to Ultra to get Chinguya some foundation, then over to Sonic for happy hour!

Friday, November 12, 2010


I was so happy to log into the Cake Shop facebook this morning and find that we now have 204 friends and fans <3! In honor of this, I released a new photo from the new jewelry line I am creating. The new line of jewelry will be sold at Taiyou Con 2011 and on the Cake Shop facebook!

Queen Of Hearts Necklace

I hope to post the new jewelry on the Cake Shop facebook before the beginning of the new year! I am also thinking about holding a fun contest for the holiday season on our facebook page, just to get the holiday season up and running! I hope to have even more friends and fans for Cake Shop by the end of February!
*w*~Chinguya is the Bestest <3

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Magical Yesterday

Yesterday was just a wonderful day to say the least. Starting my day at 7am, I quickly got ready and made Breakfast Burrito's for Kym and I! We headed up to Scottsdale for my Interview at the Salon. I will never use Google Maps AGAIN...Argh, it is worse then map quest! I was interviewed and I got the Okay to do all of there outfits and designs! *excited* I will be doing a total of 10 outfits for the Salon, and I am so Uber Excited!

After we got done in Scottsdale we headed down to Mesa! Miss Electric Lady wanted to take photo's of me in Lolita, and i was more then happy to do so :3! She took some wonderful photo's of me, she really knows how to turn me into a doll <3

I really realized how much i miss Lolita Fashion <3 A HUGE thank you to Miss Electric Lady! Please Visit her fan Page on Facebook!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sewing Down, Exercise Up!

I ended up not sewing last night! So I still have my last 2 needles for my beast of a sewing machine (Yay!).

I received a exciting call yesterday about a design opportunity in Scottsdale Arizona. I go for a interview this coming week! I hope they take me up as the designer! Today will be very busy since I have not put together a portfolio for myself, so I will be doing that all weekend long. You think I would be more prepared...blah.

A few days ago I started up my work out routine (yet again) and I feel so fantastic <3 My abs, calves and thighs are so dang sore, but its a good sore lol! I am aiming to lose 5 pounds by January, so hopefully i can reach my goal by continuing to exercise!