Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breaking Needles

In the past 2 weeks of sewing I have broken a total of 6 needles on my sewing machine. I just love when you push the pedal and the needle breaks in half and flies in your face...Not. I am really thinking of wearing safety goggles when sewing now! Needless to say, I am so sick of breaking needles and having them scare me! I think next time i will invest in some leather needles or something that can handle my power a bit better lol!

Last week I started on a beautiful dress that I made from wool and velvet. I should have known that this dress was going to be a Needle Killer...but i was careless and the dress killed 4 needles instantly. In the end, it was worth it. The Dress was finished and it turned out simply beautiful <3! I can not wait to show case it with all the rest of my outfits in January.

Last night I began on another dress for the show in January and I broke another 2 needles and bent the hell out of another. I think i will start collecting all of my broken needles just to laugh at myself. I luckily finished the dress without breaking a 7th needle. I Have got to be careful with the last 2 needles I have this week, Especially since the nearest place to get needles happens to be a hour away.

I will be sewing again tonight, so lets see what happens lol!

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